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Kristy Law

I want to help you have more of what you love in your landscape.


Would you like more year-round interest? More flowers and hummingbirds? More space to entertain? I’d love to hear your needs and collaborate together to create a vision for an outdoor experience for you. I believe gardens and landscapes are not just a beautiful photo at a single point in time, but an opportunity to have an outdoor experience that you’ll enjoy every day, helping you to feel rejuvenated, peaceful, and more connected to the natural world. 

I’m Kristy Law and I love creating beautiful outdoor sanctuaries for people to reconnect with nature. I’ve been interested in plants and flowers all my life, and enjoy creating garden designs, container designs, and floral designs that feature the beauty and harmony inherent in nature.

Landscapes designed include:

•    A Zen outdoor space to greet guests who come to the house
•    A secluded woodland backyard sanctuary 
•    A garden filled with native plants and a woodland path running through it
•    A backyard retreat with year-round interest for an outdoor-loving family
•    A fragrant flower- and hummingbird-filled patio area
•    A memorial garden for a family’s son
•    A shady side garden with a path leading visitors to the backyard
•    Container gardens for those without yard space or to enhance the entrance to their homes


I highly recommend Redbud Landscape Design. Kristy Law has done a variety of landscape projects at our home. She is so creative and has an extensive knowledge about all kinds of plants. She designed a beautiful Northwest Asian garden in our front yard with a lovely fountain. We enjoy this garden every time we enter our house.


In our backyard she designed a lovely flagstone path surrounded by my favorite flowers including roses, jasmine, and hydrangeas. Kristy has the amazing ability to really listen to the client and create exactly the beautiful garden you have always imagined.


Recently, she designed a lovely native plant garden at the side of our house with a nature path and various Northwest native plants. All in all, Kristy has helped us create a wonderful

place to live!  She is also very conscientious, organized, and gets everything done on time. It 

has been a joy to work with her!



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